Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dar's Lalila KOTW & random posts

Did this with some photos and my super 烂 photoshop skills ... took the photos when we on the way to Suan Thai .. Dar managed to climb up that thing without much difficulties... I think I will take forever if I were to climb up there to sit ... duh~~


Went to work late yesterday and was like reached Boon Lay MRT station. As there are more people rushing for the escalator than lift, I went for the lift instead ..

When I started to get into the lift, this Aunty with short hair (growing grey), pink top and black pants BEHIND me, ELBOWED me to get into the lift ~! If you are the culprit pls feel guilty ...

I do agree that elders shld be respected and hey if you set such a "good" example for us youngsters, I'm sure you will be duly respected.... *sarcasm involved*

and the worse thing is, when the lift reached and we proceeded to get out of the lift.... this clever old lady stopped in the middle of the track (nt all of us got out yet ... and its right outside the lift) to ................. search for her EZlink card~! wow~ how smart this elder is ...

I certainly worshipped you. she proceeded to tsk me when I push past her ... *its abt teaching youngsters manners ...*

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