Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ET says : Arber Boring ah Arber Boring AH~!!!!!!

ET says : Arber Boring ah Arber Boring AH~!!!!!!

hahah that's wat my msn nick says ...

Why E.T? ................. well remember in my previous posts I state that I was having block nose perpetually?

Now it became full blown sinus~ Sinus that had been plaguing me since I was young ... sinus that cause my nose/eyes/cheeks to be swollen and ugly... sinus that came suddenly when I just finished eating the (not tasty) salmon kamaage yesterday...

Rushed home after seeing my eyes start to get swollen

from this .....



and this is the photo I sent to my supervisor after anticipating Mc for the next few days ... and the moment he received this

he said "eh wat happened to you? Look like E.T like that....."

Me : "-_-""

This is wat I looked like this morning ... 2 slits for the eyes....

So wat is sinus?

Quote (Hey I linked ok?)

Sinus infection, or sinusitis, is an inflammation of the sinuses and nasal passages.

Anatomy of the sinuses (also called paranasal sinuses): The human skull contains four major pairs of hollow air–filled–cavities called sinuses. These are connected to the space between the nostrils and the nasal passage. Sinuses help insulate the skull, reduce its weight, and allow the voice to resonate within it.

The four major pairs of sinuses are the:
Frontal sinuses (in the forehead)
Maxillary sinuses (behind the cheek bones)

(This is my case)

Ethmoid sinuses (between the eyes)
Sphenoid sinuses (behind the eyes)

Maxillary sinusitis (behind the cheek bones)
Pain across the cheekbone, under or around the eye, or around the upper teeth
Pain or pressure on one side or both

Tender, red, or swollen cheekbone
(That's wat I am now~)
Pain and pressure symptoms worse with the head upright and bending forward and better when reclining


Basically it means that there are some cavities around the cheeks, nose and forehead and in some people, allergy may cause the nose mucous to be swollen such that mucus (that cause the nose block) will be trapped there and cannot be cleared... by and by the cavity got inflammed and cavities are chocked up by the mucus hence the swelling

There don't seem to be a cure for it .. just some home treatment and medical nasal spray to prevent or to relieve the symptoms ... however, surgery was mentioned:

"During the surgery, nasal polyps can also be removed, and a crooked nasal septum can be straightened, leading to improved airflow."

But I don't think I will want to go for an operation since it was mentioned that even after going through the operation, long term medication and nasal spray are still needed.

Further, going thru the op may mean that my voice will change ... (voice can be affected by shape of nose, facial bones or even ur ribs) since the sinus area actually controls the resonance...

hence I can only get the nasal spray from my doctor .. suppose to take it everyday for 3 mths then observe whether there are any relapses ...

however, cautioned by the doctor... this CANNOT be cured ... the relieve will only be there for 6 - 12 mths ...so this nasal spray... can be said to be my long term friend ...

This sinus can be found in alot of people, in most people, its very mild so it was usually treated as common flu .... however in some, like myself, its chronic (long term) and quite serious ... since mine is due to the bone structure of my forehead and nose ...

It was worse when I was a child ... often, I was wheezing thru the night as I can't breath ...

So now Ms E.T is on 2 days MC ... (not a happy MC for me I guess)

and poor Ms E.T.... because she can't and refuse to get out of the house with her 2 slitty eyes ...

can only eat

for lunch since they are the only eatable residents left in the fridge... So I arber gei kiang to put the arber hersheys choc in the bun ... and although they dun look arber good but they taste delicious when the choc oooze out as u arber bite into them ... ARBER BAGUS~!

And Y did this gal keep Arber-ing? Its because of this song called "Boring" introduced to us by Phil that caused all the hoo ha abt "Arber"

and Claire and I to laugh hysterically whenever we hear this song ...

and the torment on MRT commuters when I set this as my ringtone ...

and this is a composition by 卢广仲

who is no doubt a good composer regardless of wat you think of that song ... hehehe


On side note, went to Breko! at Hol V after choir that day ...

and the food sux.... having a strange taste in the normally very tasty potato salad ... and cheepo tasting walls ice cream in the dessert ... totally spoils it all since we usually love to go Breko! for our dinner after choir ...

Only the beloved sauteed mushroom stays beloved

And Breko! dedicates to Phil

Though YX and Darling both love the soccer shown on TV there ...

Oops forgot to off the flash ... kanna stared at by Darling ... hahahhaa

On an even sider and irrelevant, unrelated and totally self-fulfilling vain track ...

My Desktop .....


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