Saturday, November 17, 2007

What Do I do?

My friend once saw my blog ... and she asked me : "为什么你们这些大学生都喜欢玩这种无聊的东西?" (translate: Y u all university under/grads like to play with meaningless blogging?) and I was like "...." din want to get angry at her and there is nothing to get angry about ... since she is not the blogging kind of person or even the internet kind of person, she won't understand ... but wat does she mean by 你们大学生?U mean only University pple can blog? Only university pple can blog about their life, take pictures, up load them on blog or talk about their feelings/research/likes online?

No lo Aunty ... there are University pple , there are poly grads or even Primary sch students blogging (hmm ok la she grad liao) .. and mothers blogging.. there are Bengs blogging ... or even Laozhabo blogging .. no offence to these pple I've linked up, including myself cos I am just trying to illustrate that blogging, can be done by all sorts of people, in any language and any country... as long as what they blog about, is what they really think/feel/researched (not copied hor~!)

then she continued to ask me.... "you spend alot of your time blogging ah? put so many things and pictures.... besides blogging what do you do?

If............ Aunty, I got nothing to do besides blogging, do you think I'll have things to blog about?

My time spent on my blog is long .. yes ... I do agree... but because most of my blog entries are long, alot are filled with pictures ... hence my time spent on blogging ... is to prepare for the posts... e.g editing the photos ... choosing the photos that I can put online ... (hey not every damn photo can be put online ok? Those that protrayed me as short and fat will definitely not make it) ... further, blogging is not only for people to read. Its for myself... my family... where someday, I will read back my posts and be touched further, there are somethings that you just cannot bring urself to say out ... but they can be easily written out on blogs/paper etc....

Of cos besides blogging, I do have my own life.... for the obvious, I work, eat, sleep, do housework (I am a part time housewife too) wa hahaha

Of cos!
No la ...

I have my own entertainment too...

I play games ... online games~

Like Maple story ...

For those who don't know, its an online game, where players take up a character or so called jobs (e.g warrior, thief, magician and bow man) complete quests.... there are options to buy their A-cash or so call money where u can then change ur clothes, change hair colour etc ... so that you look unique from others ... but hey this is just a game.... y waste money on it right? so those 小弟小妹don't go and spend so much money on A-cash when u haven even started earning k? and don't be so yaya too ... cos its not ur own money anyway.....

This is a game where u hit 7 keys to the music, each key representing different notes.

yup... that sexy blondie is me .. hahah in my super short shorts....

And the more recent, Tricksters

which is quite similar to Maple, although I feel the game interface is not sophisticated enough..
the storyline and quests are more interesting than maple.....

and I watch Videos on you-tube, 恶女阿楚 is my latest watch ... cos its starred by 2 of my favourite Taiwan artistes.... Joanna Zeng and Sam Wang~!

帅~!(^з^)-☆ hahaha ... a model-turned actor who also sings/dance/rap for the boy-groups 5566 and 1.8.3 Club (not 1.7.5 club orh~!)
So what do I do offline? Na, I don't live besides the computer ya know?
Music~! Music is my life, I can do without the computer but please do not take away music from me.......................

MayDay and Fish Leong~! They are the 2 most unpretentious singers available.... ^-^b
Esp Mayday which although is a rock band, their lyrics are meaningful and alot of their songs are based on the reflections of life or their ambitions and hope like 快乐很伟大 or 一颗苹果 ... whereas alot of band today, based their songs on sex and gore or are simply too rock .. wonder how pple can hear the song with the lead singer screaming all the way... (@_@;)
Fish Leong ... has got the most 纯净 (pure) voice I've ever heard. She is the first singer who let me feel touched whenever I listen to her sing ... (yay~ going to watch her concert next mth~!) ┌(^_^)┘♪└(^_^)┐
And hey, I sing too ok~ not only in KTV, I sing in this choral group called Sounds Easy
Joined choir since P4 till now which is like woops almost 16years~! hahah... most people would have tot choirs/singing groups all sing Haleluia~ but LET ME TELL U .... you are WRONG! times have changed ... choirs/singing groups no longer stand there, not moving, just concentrate on singing like a log ... look at Swingle Singers, Young People's Chorus
Readers of my blog would have read about my choral group Sounds Easy
very often ... We formed in 2002/2003 by a group of enthusias ...most of us are alumni of JJC choir .... and since we love to sing ... and would like to continue singing, we set out to form this group with our instructor June Lee as the head of the choir ... ( ^^)人(^^ )
Sad to say, as people grow up, they have things to overcome other than their loves and ambitions... and the obstacles are of cos the other halfs, money, studies and work ... so our group member decreases... as new people join, old people left ... but of cos, those who left, we give our well wishes... those who stay, we applaud (^з^)-☆ and wish for more performing opportunities and improvements...........

Community events such as Xmas caroling at West Coast, xmas carols at AWWA, Wedding singers like for FLF wedding and HH wedding, Commercial events such as Xmas at One Fullerton, Changi Airport and the more recent event at DXO ...
Those who are interested, whether in singing or engaging us, please forward ur enquiries to my email

and of cos random activities which I take part in ... such as hill climbing and looking for our very own Bukit Timah Falls (lolx)..........
People's wedding, bdae celebrations, class outings (although I skipped alot ah ... turn into Celina mode: I'm Sorry I'm Sorry~~~~)

I don't do much donations (cept buying cards from Mouth and Foot Artists) or nor am I a good Samaritan. I don't donate blood (Not much to give myself) nor be a volunteer... but I am proud to say, I can make my own decisions with regards to my life... I have beautiful memories which I would like to keep track of ...and taking photos is one of the ways ... so is blogging ...
Keep on blogging and keep blogging original .. ;) great now I sound like some embassador wannabe! ahahaha
so what do YOU do with your time? (besides blogging and reading people's blog oh~)

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