Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happiness.......... Is............

How to define happiness?

Happines cannot be define, you ask 100 people, there will be 100 definitions .. and within these 1oo definitions, 50% will be confused and 50% changes thruout the interview...

Most associates happiness with :

Though some will give the standard answer:

Happiness is an emotion in which one experiences feelings ranging from
contentment and satisfaction to bliss and intense joy. Link (chk it out there is
even an association of happiness and the economy)

Even if they are thinking of


Some of the more kuku ones .. will say they can feel happiness if they can get thru the mad rush in the morning and get a seat on the MRT ............. duh~~~~~~!

So what is my Definition? Aron Ask

and he got me thinking .. cos, I only know how to laugh when happy, cry when sad, I've never gone to think about what is happiness, how can I say I lead a happy life?

I ponder..... over the past 2 days ... (till hairs are white... till I look like chipmunks)

Till I finally found out ...

Happiness to me is

Having a Hot body ....


er hem~! start again ....

Happiness is :

Having eyes that allowed me to see colours although they are not perfect but at least I do not have to live in darkness ... this I am grateful of ...

and hearing ... that allows me to listen to my favourite music (fish leong~~~ ah~~~~! Cheer Chen ~~~~ ah~~~~~~!)

that I live in an environment where I can safely reach home so that I can play O2jam ... lolx

That I am not a slave ... (perhaps a slave to money if that counts .. hahah)

That I received Nuffnang Ads~~ (click it~!! NOW~~~~~~~~~! ahahaha ) even though the earning is meagre now .. It will grow .... ;P
That I have silent readers ... like Jianfa... Tianwei.... Claire, Phil.... who visited my blog even before I ask them ... heheh
Me to Jianfa : eh~~~ read my blog lei (shamelessly)

Jianfa : ok

Jianfa : wat you want me to read?

Me : the E.T eyes lor ... I very ke lian......

Jianfa : Aiya ... read liao la ... read it before u ask me lor.... tot
got new post .. I blur blur dunno what u want me to read.......

Me : Issit? heheh ... happy .....

That God gives me a good (dun dare to say great) voice so that I can take part in Sounds Easy ...

Having the opportunity to perform with a group of real fun people is a great feeling ..
although there is sadness when the number of people reduces ..
I am grateful that memories stay and I can be part of their lives ...
Training with Sounds Easy people is a bliss ... happiness that cannot be describe ... even though I do have to struggle with the scores since I can't read scores ...

Happiness is ........I have the freedom to choose ... to a certain extend ... U may say ... "so what? we are still restricted by a lot of things .. even if we have the freedom to choose ... there may only be limited choices...." but I still feel grateful ... because AT LEAST ... I have choices ... even though limited, they are still my choice ...

A loving family .. who cares ... and will always be there for me ... even though we are at different location .. there are just times where locations does not matter...

did u ever have friends or relative who are not even living near you but u just feel that he/she is there for u when u need?

I'm happy .. I came to this world ......

I'm happy my parents did not force me to take watever pathway they WANT me to take ... rather ... they let me choose my schools... my clothes... my studies.. my career...... my man ....

And of cos .. happiness is being married to a great husband (one who cannot be still and pose for photographes lolx)

Photos from and the internet .. some are from my lousy hp cam .. and some from my lovely pinky the cam ... ;P
wanted to do a post relating to my adventures today ... but its 1.46am now and I'm tired ... I wanna play game~~~~~~~~~ some more I can see Aron luking around ... hehe ... so I don't delay anymore ...

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