Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'm on Technorati~!

Technorati Profile

I'm on Technorati~!

Hey don't ask me why I'm only on it now when everyone's on it ... I.Don't.Know~ with a capital K

hahah.... ignore me~ this is a blog post for Technorati to claim my blog ...

Talking abt claiming of blog~ a friend Trinity just kenna her blog posts copied and pictures of her sons pasted all over by some unknown person ... ! Urgh~! So angry~! How can a person claim something that is nt his?? Further, using her son's pictures.... that is definitely very ***
( I don't want to scream obscenities at the person, don't wanna stoop to his level..... )

Lucky the thing is resolved.... but still ... feel very angry for Trinity ... she is such a sweet person who is devoted to her sons and husband, content and happy about life ... but her memories, thoughts and hard work are just copied... copied~! If you put in alot for something and its being taken away so easily, even if the matter is resolved, the terrible feeling will still be there~~~~~

Thank goodness Trin is still blogging ... otherwise we will have a good blogger lesser..... Don't quit Trin~~~~~~~ please~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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