Friday, November 02, 2007

Miiya Rose . com

Advertorial (or not really one since I must stress.. this is not paid)

I think those of you who visited my site today since 12am, would have seen this:-

Ad on my site. This is a free ad I put up for a good friend of mine who is also the co-owner/purchaser/customer service of this e-shop (fashion/accessories) ... She was like updating me on the new stocks available on her site and she told me "must tell ur friends ah" so I ask her to send me her web logo for the link to my blog ... ;P

Don't ask me wat the hack does "Miiya rose" mean ... cos I don't know and I bet she can't tell me too .. ;P anyway... it sounds nice ... so y bother with the meaning?

So in case you guys think this is just another blog shop selling the same old things as all the other blog shop ... well....

Let me Tell you~!


Usually those items u see are similar in many blog shop ... *click click ... aw~ the same old things again~* this is becos normally the items are sourced from the same suppliers... e.g. thru yahoo auction TW/Korea.......... fax/email/watever order forms...

but for Miiya rose, the purchaser (who is that gd friend of mine let mi call her Didi) goes personally to handpick the items~! so hey~! she can get access to different suppliers who may not be known on the online world~!

Furthermore, believe me, I definitely trust the fashion taste of this girlfriend of mine .... she is the known shopping queen in our grp~ looking for cheap and nice manicure...? Look for Didi~ Looking for shopping heaven? Look for Didi~ etc....

Hence her items can be said to be unique and seldom seen on e-shops..... and since she did not do much advertising... her clientele is limited... so I told her ... "u should do more ads" ...

Her items came mostly from Taiwan and Japan or where ever she goes to travel where she will handpick the items, ensure the quality and carry them back to Singapore.... hence her items are all in stock .. don't have to worry about waiting for a few weeks for the item to arrive or the seller will run away with the money ... ;P

New promotion from her site: Japan Hour~

Featuring up to date fashion items such as :
BAGS! BAGS and more BAGS!

How many bags can a girl have? LOTS I tell u LOTS... haha so you guys had better click on her shop's logo and buy a bag for ur girl NOW~!

Look at tat damn chio handbag with sequins... bling bling~! definitely uniquely urs (if u buy la)
A4 size bags suitable for students, chio chio weekend bags and evening bags... bags for going to work ...

go and take a look for yourself ... my screenshots is definitely nt enough ~

Or for the guys~~

Cufflinks! Running out of ideas wat to buy for ur guy? Need a unique gift for your customer? Get a unique cufflink~ There are cufflinks representing the horoscope ... with the 双喜 suitable for grooms ... and the ever so cool cufflink with the blue crystals ... many many more!

Not to mention cutesy mirrors and jewellery~! Look at that cute polka dots pouch~! So princessy ... I would buy that myself if I have already bought a pouch recently ... somemore I bought an A4 size bag from Didi~ at $32~ not ex at all ~

The best part~~ when u make any purchases at Miiya rose, you get to choose 3 more items which u want to get a closer look at ... examine the quality, size... simply inform them when you make ur purchase and Miiya Rose can bring the items to u for scrutiny rite to ur doorsteps~ no obligations to buy at all.....!

Of course, there are not only good things about the site ... the cons of the site ... the descriptions of the items are not detailed enough, I felt, photos are not big enough and should be at different angles... e.g the bag I wanted to buy, I din know if the bag is a soft one or a hard and heavy one till I ask Didi ... but of cos you can email her and ask her abt the item you want .. but FAST ok? Cos everytime I take my time browsing her items... they are sold out ... ;(

WAT are U waiting for? Go take a look now~!

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