Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nothing much to blog about ... cept a stomach full of complains ;P

Nothing much to blog about ... cept a stomach full of complains ;P

Feeling rather lack of motivation recently... don't know why~ ~~~ W.H.Y .............

Like I've been dropped from the top of the hill to rock bottom ...

Maybe there's nothing new?

Maybe there are too much activities in the past few weeks?

Or maybe my brain cells have left me (Or I don't have much in the first place L0lx)

But something good happened yesterday.... I've got a new Friend~!

yes~! Bao Bao from Thailand, at first when MSN popped up a msg asking whether I want to add a friend request.... suspicious~ since those friends still in contact, are in my contacts ... those who are not, may not be able to find me ... Further, I am not the get-to-know-by-unsolicited-means pple ... so usually I will reject these kind of requests if I don't recognise the email add... otherwise I will block/remove them if I happened to add them

hmm... but saw "baobao" in the email addy... so it couldn't be those bo liao spam/sexual adverts/watevertheshit/etc ....... further, I do have a friend named Bao Bao (not very close friend)

So I added her... turned out she is a friend of Hong wei (国宝) a friend whom I've known since JC ... we got to know each other in 1st 3 mths in JJC when we joined ECA ... I was known as "the music box" to him ... cos I used to like compiling a booklet of songs and their lyrics and learn to sing them all as well as remember the lyrics ... that's how my nick came by ... but themusicbox was taken so its "themuxicbox" then ... haha (uncreative -.-")

He was called 国宝 (National Treasure) by me ... cos he is good looking (some sort la~ Dar dun kill me!~), sings very very well, plays softball well, has got leadership, good or I should say Great~~! in studying~

Anyway, it was great talking to Bao Bao ... she is a sweet gal....not to mention she reads my blog and can remember me although 国宝 blogged abt me like once in a blue moon and the last time was quite a while ago .... ;)

Bao Bao~Welcome to the club~! heheh

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