Saturday, November 10, 2007

Our very own Bukit Timah Falls~!

Woke up to a mac breakfast on Deepavali morning~~~

Though it was raining, the rain stopped soon enough for us to take a trip down to Bukit Timah Hill for our hike.... ;P

Took bus to Bt Timah to change bus, bt end up we took the wrong direction and have to ask for directions to reach the place.....

Beautiful.... Looks like Malaysia... but its not! its Singapore~~ This is like some place I would like to live in ... if I have the money to open up a small neighbourhood cafe.... but if I open a cafe .. there will be no green tea or milk tea or oreo for sale as they will all be booked by Dar, Claire and I..... -.-" so I won't be able to make any $$ hahaha ~

Malau alert~~!!

This sign came up every where and any where ... hahaha (so even though dar never go with us, he comes up every where~~~~~~~~! ).. but I heard from TP Jing that when she came last time, the malaus try to snatch their tit bits .... so its the malaus dun feed the humans ... nt vis versa.... ;P

Promoting Singapore's Bukit Timah Reserve~~~~~

Ah Lian TP Jing hahaha ... her expression very cute~!

Ah Di stood there not sure of whether he wants to 发疯with us ... while I promote tourism ...

Finally he cannot stand our taunting~! This is how we look before going up the steeeeeeeep slope ... energetic sia~~~~~

This is hw we look after going up the slope.... slope only ok ... still like dam far from the summit....


How about if the malau wants to feed us?

Operation BTNR:

This is at mid hill where we discuss which route we are taking ....

We reach the SUMMIT~~! after just like 1hr ... and not tiring at all ... I was real disappointed as I tot huh~~~~ like that only ah?

Claire.... wat are u trying to do? Eat up the Bukit Timah Rock?

Phil : "Hoy~! I'm the king (kong) of the world~! I can lift up Bukit Timah Rock~!"

Auntie asking unker (doing tai ji in at mid hill) for directions... unker P does his Taiji while answering her... hahah ... it looks damn funny when I scroll thru the 4 photos like very very fast.. but too tired to do video so there won't be any ... maybe the next post ba ... when I manage to bring myself to do the video................

Like not very tiring for us when we reach the summit so we decided to chk the map and it turns out that we actually have to walk a roundabout in order to walk the longest and hardest path ... so we had to back track to take the "summit path".




- (too busy avoiding stones ... no photos)




yay!~ finally reached the end of the summit path~~~~~~~~~~~~

On the way down we saw ....:

growths on the leaves.... wonder y the growths chose this plant as the rest of the plants around it has got no or little growths ..

Going down the catchment pathway ...

Wondering how come this route is called catchment path when we saw:

our very own "Bukit Timah Falls~~~~~~!"

Obviously man made ... but still ... a unique setting among the greenery............ though I don't think its man made that the water flows here ... the national parks prob does this to prevent soil erosion... I wonder whats the part time research job that Allan does climbing up and down the hill everyday ...

2 blocked caves along cave path ... they should be linked ba ... as we are able to see some light at the end of one of them ... prob blocked to prevent pple from doing illegal things in the caves... esp when prostitution starts where ever trees grow.... remember the police busted the woodlands forest (hmm? more like a block of trees) and the Jurong park ... (now is a park ... before the bust, the park was just alot of trees)

Not forgetting the clean-and-green moto extends to BT hills ... I wonder how do the rangers clear the dustbins ... -.-"

Final view as we make our way down....

The trip up and down only took us around 2 hrs combine with stops to rest, laugh and talk.... just like National Parks said it would ... and the grade was difficult for the route we took ... lolx~ yeah... difficult for 100 yr old man ba ... cos we saw alot of elders walking up and down the hill without difficulty ....

Think Mac Ritchie is more difficult ... although the altitude is not that high ... the route is winding, long and not seasoned (few man-made routes etc) those look for more challenging hike shld go up to the tree-top-walk (not for the weak hearted pple who are scared of heights)

Down the hill at the visitor center.....

No time wasted at education ... where visitors are educated on the flora and fauna found as well as the history of the area.....

Saw this cute cute cafe as we try to find our way to Bukit Timah plaza ... (after walking by 隔壁的隔壁的对面的对面without taking公bus --dun know wat I am talking abt? ask TP Jing)

Need to go buy ingredients at BT plaza ... cos the menu for the week is ......................

Cheese Cake~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! Yum~!

Master Chef Phil teaching his disciples how to torture the ice cream cones (supposely is waffles la ... bt hack ah... can't find any) Disciple Claire is not paying any attention ....!

So master chef Phil 惩罚her by asking her to stir the mixture till the ice (sugar) melts and the earth (crust) ends (not easy eh~~~~~~~)

Tada~! After 2 hrs of waiting for the cake to set.... still can look so energetic after walking up/down the hill and its 9pm lorz....

Look at the thick crust~! hahaha ... this time is cheese-cake-turned-chocolate-biscuit~~ wa hahhahahahahah~!

Had a hard time cutting thru the thick crust and ended up with a table (and floor) full of sugar and ice cream cones crumbs as the crumbs flew everywhere when we tried to cut them .... super sweet~~~~~~~~~~~ the cheese topping ended up looking like choco topping with a tinge of cheese flavour ... ;P too sweet for me ... just scrapped some to taste ... while Phil and Claire had diarrhoea and sore throat after the saga ... hahaha ~!

whoa~! started this post at 10.13pm ... but its now 1.49am ... haha time to sleep ... nitez~!

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