Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jeslyn's version of Ping.sg event

went to Ping.sg event on Monday 10th Dec 07 ... reached there super early as I asked from my boss to leave early just for the event. Turned out we are re~~~~ally SUPER early as we are the 6th, 7th, 8th person to reach!


Of cos going out with me .... photo taking is a must ... I'll force everyone to cam whore to my desires! Wa Ha Ha!

Photo courtesy from Adam the photographer of the day carrying a super duper cam X 10 the size of my dummy cam....

Phil trying to show off his powderful Nokia machine by taking in all our fizzy hair....

Speech from boss U-zyn. I don't know why but both Phil and I found U-zyn to look very very familiar... perhaps a similar sec sch? Did you happened to come from a basketball-bagus-ulu-west-side-sec-sch JSS?

In the process to erm.... un-clothe U-zyn

My dinner ... Grilled Dory with Oolong Sauce ... yummy! Esp when I am a tea lover... ;D

T'was too bad we had to leave early and did not get to take part in the more exciting events like lucky draw, introduction, drinks at Wala Wala....

Photo with U-zyn and Arzhou before we leave......
A door gift from Ping.sg! Its a $5 voucher for Essential brew which will serve its purpose since we are 常客in Hol V esp when we have Hol V eh 神with us ... dun play play ah!
Was actually hoping to meet some of the people from shoutbox I usually talked to .. but FoxTwo didn't go ...(Monday blues he claimed but we know otherwise *wink*) Xizor was sick.... I left before Pink, DK, Chillycraps (crappycraps), and Rinaz came ...
Wished I stayed longer to meet them... ;D
Oh well, I'm sure this means there will be more Ping.sg events to come... ;D meet ya all some day!


  1. Oooh, no wonder I didnt see you. What a pity :(

  2. hmmmmm if you left before I came, then how did you capture the photo of my stripping uzyn? =P

    I reached at 7pm lah~