Monday, December 10, 2007

Onde Onde Day

Went to Lot 1 to meet Dar, Claire and Qisheng for some lunch... We saw:

Keke... I think I must have some unhealthy fetish for Malaus Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket and Penguins...

We decided to make some Onde onde after receiving the feeds update from Wokking Mum she is such a genius with her cooking!

Fell in love with onde onde after trying some from Bengawan Solo.

Feel the sweet brown liquid gula melaka burst out of the soft and chewy onde onde skin.....


The ingredients for onde onde and our dinner... concentrated so much on the sweet dessert, we didn't even think of buying things for dinner until we started shopping at NTUC.
Going to 包水饺 aka water leg!!! wooo hooooo~! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

First timers .. hence we are all very gong and blur about what to do even though we printed out the recipe from wokking mum....

Aiyo~ Pumpkin got 2 types eh... which type we buy? Gula merlaka must chop ah? Chop till how small ah?

In the end the dough wasn't well done ;P was too dry to roll the dough properly .. Look at my super onde onde compared to Phil's nicely sized ones ... LOLX

Since we didn't know how it looks like when cooked, Claire tested out the onde onde.

Tadaah~! the final products! Seems like not bad for first timers like us yeah? the taste was also not bad though considering the ingredients in the onde onde is only chopped gula melaka, its very difficult to taste bad anyway .... duh~

Water legs, meat balls, vegetables soup and teriyaki mushroom for dinner! Had a hard time trying to do up the teriyaki. Not to mention we bought wa~~~~~~~~y too much mushrooms for the dish

Yay~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Project Onde onde 成功~~~!

Had onde onde part 2 today ... however, it wasn't that successful as we didn't have chef muthu with us when we prepare the sweet potatoes.

However, we did try to experiment with onde onde with chocolate and cheese fillings. Chocolate was a success while cheese wasn't since it was a last minute thing and we did not have the appropriate type of cheese to use.

(no photos as I was unable to upload... given up after the 5th try .. too bad)

Dreaming of having our own onde shop keke! with onde onde as the main dish while pasta and etc serves as the side dish! kekek what a weird restaurant that will be!

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