Saturday, December 08, 2007

Wedding at the Legends

Went to wedding dinner of Pei Xin and Weiling on Monday. Pai sei I didn't blog about it until now as I was too busy to edit the photos.

But I have time to do some self admiring!

LOLX ... these were taken before going for the event. Got a fright that morning cos my eyes sort of kenna swollen (again~! urgh~!) luckily it went down in late afternoon and I was able to cover the tracks with make-up (oh! the wonders of make-up)

Grand sia~ Though we were like quite tired from climbing up the hills to the Legends. It being far away from where our eye sight could reach. We had to refer to maps to get there. Blame it on the weather, we were sweating like don't-know-what when we reach the ballroom.

Tastefully decorated and arranged table:

With long lost Sports-Queen-Huixin who grows slimmer day by day to my *green eyed* envy. Ok it was ME who ordered her not to stand up as I will look dwarfed by her. ;P

Didn't take photos of the deco inside as the ballroom was decorated in blue techno lights somewhat resembling those inside Party World KTV.

Erm ok I looked shocked... din know why. Well, photo was taken by Thomas... so I guess I could blame him haha ;D

Rose petals prepared for the closer friends to shower the couple with. What a lovely idea. This sure beats grafitti which could stick to the couple at erm.... unsightly places? keke

Face~ Aiyo~what are YOU thinking? *wag fingers at you*

A very well organized wedding ... things run smoothly with no obvious knick knacks.. I guess Peixin really have his brothers to thank for.

Isn't she pretty? Her gowns were all nice and wonderful. So suitable for her. (well, she is slim so she looks nice in everything) However I found her hair deco too simple as her gown already lack in bling bling so she should have more bling bling decorations to make her shine. Well she was the star that day ;D

Alright *poof to Celina's mode: I'm Sorry I'm Sorry* So sorry I only took 1 photo of the food since I looked strange taking photos of the food while the others were stuffing themselves silly (oops, corrections, should be "Eating gracefully away")

There were only 6 or 8 courses, I can't really remember since there are alot of food that I cannot or don't want to take so I only remember those I ate ... hahaha. Food quality was so so, not that bad but cannot said to be good too. Definitely not a choice for people who goes more for food.

Service by the crew there was great although most of the service crew were like on the younger side and tend to be bullied by us. Especially the poor boy at our table.

Guess he must be thinking "这年头钱难赚" need to provide good services, kenna bullied by a table of siao-cha-bors and siao-ta-bos still need to smile............ *sigh*

Girls at the table.

Being married is great~ (most) being married to the person who loves you and you loved is even greater. Marriage is a commitment, vows are not exchanged just for show... however vows are just words, they need people to believe in them and take them into action before they are meaningful.

I'm so glad Peixin and Weiling can find each other. Stay true and stay in love.

Congratulations PEI XIN and WEILING.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

永浴爱河~! 白头谐老~! 永结同心! 心想事成~! 万事如意~! 圣诞快乐~!

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