Thursday, December 27, 2007

Shopping Cart Software for all your needs!

I've mentioned before that my dream is to have my own shop. An Onde Onde shop! Set up together with a few of my good friends. There is this upcoming trend to set up online shops. Shopping blogs, furniture blog, grocery shops, online shops selling art and paintings and even online shops selling recycled things. One thing I've noticed why these online shops are not around for long is because they are not customer oriented enough. There isn't much convenience when shopping online where customers have to email their orders to the sellers who may neglect the emails or even mix up the orders. Its also shows the professionalism of the owner of the shop if procedures are not organized. Get a shopping cart software! The award winning technology allows sellers to customize the software to their needs for a small monthly fee. You don't have to worry that the shopping cart does not go well with the theme of the online shop. This will certainly come into use when my online onde onde shop goes live!

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  1. Hey! great post you got there. maybe u can try tarazz allows you to shop online from us and uk and apart from that it auto converts into singapore currency so its hassle free! XD