Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Xmas Pressies!

Yoo Hoo! End of Xmas! So lets have a post-xmas celebration!


Arh ... just joking... so many celebrations not tired? Let's have a debrief and a thanksgiving session~!


The very first present I received was from PW, my colleague who went on long leave right next day after she pass me the present! Long Leave! Lookie~lookie~ Precious Moments... Isn't it cute?

Next, handmade present from Philchan (Note: its Phil Chan cos the surname is "Chan" not the Japanese way of saying 小something k?) This handmade box contained 4 glass bunnies! Just when I wanted to pester Dar to let me rear bunnies~ ;D

As bunnies wanted to breed, I shall leave them in the box for their privacy... *no peeping!*

The ever-famous Ferrero Rocher (16) from Allan!

Another present from Philchan who bought these cute voodoo dolls. I chose the one most suitable as it says its an amulet for "health and protection"

Claire got one suitable for her too... its called the Diva though I thought it looks more like Sumo Wrestler with its pampers-like shorts/pants/err?

Another mousepad received from June~ Of cos the bear did not say "shake it in the morning shake it in the evening" obviously it was added on. Now I have 2 new mouse pads and probably will not need to buy anymore for the next 5yrs or so ... keke

Present from Mom and Dad who came to see me on the first day of Christmas *on the first day of xmas my true love gave to me~~~*

Rocher again! and of cos some chicken soup which I gulped down at Santa Claus speed (1/1000th of a second! Go Reindeer go!) and did not take any photo.

Lastly, presents from me to me! Ain't they cute?
(Cute but doesn't taste nice AT all)

Why oh why didn't my hubby give me any present? He did! However, I was forbidden to blog about it. Photos .... yes... Blog... no... Sigh .. those who followed my Twitter would have seen it. However, still no blog... no no no!

Special thanks to all who twittered/facebooked/commented/tagboarded/smsed me like Chin Wee, Kelly, Christopher, Sally, Serene, Cendrine, April, Bobo, Trin, Aron, Ahwei..........

Thank you and have a great year ahead!

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