Saturday, January 05, 2008

Advertlets down - I know I am late to blog about this but the main aim is not abt advertlets is my title too long? lolx!

Boring boring day! My life is like not so happening everyday ya know? I also have my stay-at-home-type-typity-type-on-my-keyboard times.

Today is one such day.

To tell the truth, I love to go out but I don't like crowds. I love to stay at home but I want something to do. Hmm .. contradictory? Not really but I am one such person who changes my mind and preferences rather quickly. You may say I am fickle but I am just restless and get bored easily.

What has this got to do with my post anyway?

Well ya see, besides those activities, I do regularly visit other bloggers' blogs. I do read those blogs I like and shun those I don't.

Even on my Entrecard sprees, I do read the random blogs I go to. At least the latest post.

So today, alone at home (and awake) I tried to visit some of the blogs I usually go to like mine! (duh~) Jojo, Dora, Janice, April, Xiaoboii, Trin, Bobo and Claire and lots of others whom I never mention here.

BUT~ I can't get to their blog today! (Cept for Trin and Bobo)

That's because Advertlets forgot to renew their domain and whenever I get to those blogs, I was redirected to the domain (main) site.

Even my own blog.....

So~ as fast as lightning or even faster~ I managed to take down all the Advertlets ad in both my blogs so that I will not lose any more new readers as readers usually get turned off if there is no convenience in reading blogs.

Those who happened to read this post and all the other blogs with regards to Advertlets, do please remove the Advertlets ads from your blogs until things can be resolved.

Dora, I'm not able to go to your blog to receive the award as it wouldn't load. I will go when I can ;D Thanks in advance.

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