Monday, January 21, 2008

Birthday Celebration at Sushi Tei and Liquid Kitchen!

Happy Birthday Yanxing!!!! Or rather, Happy Belated hatchday~

But we did gave him a pre-birthday celebration that day at Sushi Tei~

Look at food-satisfied YX! Haha! Glad he enjoyed his food~

I ordered Curry Chicken Katsu Don and its like ... erm .. sweet .. well, Japanese curry is sweet I guess it has got to do with the onions that they put into the curry. I love onions so I don't mind them. In fact, I like munching those onion pieces. Dar, however, hates to eat onions so he will always pick them out:

*tsk tsk* its bad to choose your food ~~~

Lucky we did not buy much cake but just enough for all of us to have a piece. However, customer service (non-sushi tei-related kind) is not that good. They didn't even help us put the cake into the fridge. So the cake didn't taste great. Or was it because the cake is not that great in the first place?

Present from Phil from Philippines Manila. And YX was trying to act fierce for our cameras but of cos he failed~ I've known him for so long and its very very very very~~~~ seldom I see a fierce expression on him.

Another pressie from Phil! Dark chocs with almond flakes inside. *drool~~~~* Even though its dark chocolate, the taste is sweeter and creamier in texture.

Yanxing trying to get past us to make the payment for the meal! Haha! Of course he did not succeed. Why should we let the birthday boy pay for it? (when we can make him pay for each and everyone's birthday next time~~*evil grin*)

So Claire gave her card to the cashier at Sushi Tei and ask him to hold it while we forced YX to hand us the receipt.

Wanted to watch Le Grand Chef so we make a trip down to Great World city, hoping that being more "ulu" there will be seats left on a Sat night. I don't usually like to watch movies as I find it quite boring to seat there and wait for the movie to happen. Claire says its comedy so its still "passable".

With Mr Street directory (aka 1900-yanxing) around, of course we can 环岛追追追 just by hopping on buses. He's the most famous street directory in Singapore and some say in JB!

Turned out, there are seats left in Great World but its the 1st row... duh~

Not wanting to risk neck pain, we decided not to get tickets and since Phil wanted to go home (he just touch down Singapore!) we decided to go with him.

To side track a bit.... can anyone spot anything interesting in the upcoming photo?

(3 secs more! hurry!)

Ans: the bus stop is ..... placed in the opposite direction. The poles that should be behind the commuters are now in front.

Can anyone tell me why is that so? Current suggestions are :
1. Engineers gone kooku~
2. Prevent buses from ramming into the bus stop.
3. There is no curb in front of the bus stop.
4. So that rain will not flow from the top of the bus stop onto the pavement.
5. ??

Talked about adventures of Old Changi hospital and eerie websites on the way to Phil's house while enduring the perfume from the woman sitting beside me.

Decide to chill out at Liquid Kitchen as we don't want to disturb Phil's mum with our maniac laughter.

Look at the menu! So cute!

and the guys .. mesmerized with ....


While we cam-whore and drink Salty Dogs....

They even provide some packs of cards for us people who don't worship soccer!

Though the Diamond 3 is missing.... =.="

Finally I get to learn how to play Chua Dai Di~ though its shocking to learn that they actually think of tactics to put the cards while for me .. its got what cards available, I will put... thats why I only won like twice??

Its a money spending night and a fun one... its been ages since we went out like that ;D

More upcoming outings in Mar?

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