Monday, January 21, 2008

Stretch marks and headaches

Puzzling over the title? We are going to talk about stretch marks! I have some marks on my thighs and initially I thought they were cellulite and gotten a headache trying to remove them. One day, I was chatting with Claire over it and I showed her my "cellulite" and hey she said they are not cellulite! In fact, those were stretch marks. She said they will form if I suddenly lose weight as my skin loses its elasticity, the extra skin got no where to go hence they form stretch marks. This will also happen during pregnancy. For a moment I was quite happy to know they are not cellulite. However, they became my source of headache again when I realized I won't look good wearing swimming suit! Then I remembered my ex-manager mentioned before that stretch mark cream can help to reduce the marks and make the skin looks smoother. There are even stretch marks prevention creams that can help to prevent stretch marks after pregnancy. In fact, there are many brands of cream nowadays. So many that I don't know which to choose from. Although I did hear of this brand called revitol stretch mark cream which was said to have the best value and result. Perhaps I should try some.