Thursday, January 03, 2008

正当我想要缠 着大羽让我后方兔子

That day Claire asked me how come she can't see the feedburner icon on my blog.

In her words is "can you tell me whether I'm pak jiao? Cos no matter how I find, I can't see the feedburner icon"
*I did try to find the meaning of pak jiao in wiki but.... the rough guide is "cock eyed"*

In the end, actually what she wanted was to see my feeds in the wordings format without all the ads and trackbacks as she can't access my blog in her office.

She had to read my blog in chinese and she zenzen don't understand what the blog post is about! ;D

That's because she translated my blog from google Hong Kong. Some sentences can be translated while some were direct translation of what was written. Some jargons can't be translated e.g "lookie lookie" does not have a chinese meaning~

"Just when I wanted to pester Dar to let me rear bunnies~ ;D" becomes "正当我想要缠着大羽让我后方兔子“

让我后方兔子 sounds a bit... erm... porn-like?

Even I didn't understand what I was writing about after the translation. Lolx. I do hope none of my readers from Hong Kong translate my blog to chinese before reading it!

Look what I saw in a cab that day~ Marilyn Moo-roe! So cute!

Another cab: No Farting while sitting in a cab! (Poor cabby must have had lots of bad experiences)

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