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29 Dec 2007 Fish Leong's 今天情人节

Its the BIG DAY! Oh~ no no .. not my wedding. Its the day for Fish Leong's concert!

Though I was feeling bit lethargic as I slept quite late the day before.

Getting ready to go out and meet ClaireYap and Jianfa for dinner at the newly opened Kallang Leisure Park.

Though the theme was 今天情人节 and everyone was supposed to wear red, I didn't. I am not a crazy fan though I do loved her songs and had been supporting her since her 2nd album. All my red clothes are long sleeved! No way for warm warm weathered Singapore.

Had dinner at Nihon Mura. Do read up my review at Yebber!

Overall, food was great there. So was the service and the atmosphere. However, the prices of the main dishes are a bit too expensive. However, you can save a lot of money if you simply order their sushi-in-a-plate. Those are cheaper than other Japanese restaurants.

Finally its time for the concert!! Managed to meet Chin Siew and Kelly for a small chat before the concert and Kelly even brought me some cylum sticks all the way from East gate to North Gate~ ;D (I forgot to bring mine)

Inside the Indoor Stadium... I got so excited, simply had to take some photos!

But Dar simply refused to take photo with me. He knew he would made it up here if he ever did... hehe.

And the Act Cute pose (but not succeeding)

The 挥挥仙女棒 pose:

Darth Varder pose:

Like the previous year's concert, there will be some performances from external groups as well as a special guest. Last year's performance were from a Ballerina dancing according to music box tune of 最想环游的世界 and special guest was Emil Chau (I don't really enjoy his singing, sorry to his fans)

This year's performing group was from Beijing Acrobat Group. They had every one woo-ing and ahh-ing with their spectacular stunts.

Special guest was Ashin from Mayday. However I was quite disappointed as he sang only 1 song and 1 duet with Fish Leong. (Emil Chau sang for a whole half an hr)

Other things like balloons, rowing boats, dancers as well as excellent play with colors and lightings to bring out the feeling of Valentine's. Valentine's should be romantic. Even with loads of people screaming around you, as long as you have the feeling of romance in you, its romantic.

I really enjoyed her concert, though I didn't really get myself high like I did for Cheer's concert. However, they are different types of singers. Fish's voice is unique. She has got a voice like no other people because when she sings, people can "feel" the meaning behind the songs. Not only her own songs, others' as well. She sang quite a lot of songs from other singers. Like 林忆莲 (sorry I know wrong word but I can't find the correct one) and Mayday. All of them, managed to bring me to tears just like how it is whenever I sing her songs.

This year is concert year (2007) haha ;D I never used to like concerts, however I went to Cheer's and Fish's concerts this year (2007). Really looked forward to their concerts again. There are others like Mayday and Lihom I wanted to go too. So lets see how much $$ I can manage to save up.


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