Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cash advancements

That day I told my assistant that I do not like to keep much cash in my pocket as that will prompt me to spend more cash. She answered me saying that it is always good to have some cash with ya as you won't ever know when you will need some urgently. That prompted me to think that what if I do have some urgent needs but I don't have cash in my bank? What if something happened and I can't wait for insurance payout? Or I sell my house at lower rate than I buy another? Or simply just timing that causes the cash flow problem. I can always get from banks. However, banks either required collaterals, minimum high salary requirements or take too long.

Cash Advance 1500 offers fast and unsecured payday loans and cash advances up to $1500 for people who needs money urgently to fund their checking accounts or other cash flow needs. You do not need high minimum salary or good credit reports to qualify. You can remain anonymous and away from the prying eyes of gossipy neighbors and relatives. At the same time, solve your problems.

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