Sunday, January 13, 2008

Themuxicbox Unrevealed ! - Part 1

If you are here for the first time, thank you for coming. For loyal readers, thank you very much for tuning to FM.themuxicbox. ;D

For those who personally know me, of course you will know how I look like and etc. For those who don't, well I may actually be:

or :

or simply :

but this post and subsequent others, are not regarding how I look like, its about me. And being not so young myself, the post will be divided into parts. What about me? well, my history, my likes and dislikes. I may lose myself and be off topic in the process but hey! That's also me.
So you can classified these posts under "self-centered" I don't mind ;D

I was born in Malaysia actually it wasn't meant to be like that. My mum just happened to be visiting her family while pregnant with me. And I just had to decide to come out and see the world ... how impatient!

Hence my nationality becomes "Malaysian" although both my parents are Singaporean. I came to be classified under "Minority" meaning I now have 2 nationalities and I have a choice to decide for myself when I reach 21.

Nationality to me is not important, though I am glad my parents brought me back to Singapore. (Sorry to my Malaysian readers, I do not mean Malaysia is not good. I don't have the capacity to say that)

Hence I live my life in Singapore for the rest of my life... till now at least and the near future. I still don't know whether I will continue living here. I used to have no feelings about where I lived as long as it suited my mood. As I grew older and know the difference between countries and living conditions, I grew to love Singapore. Though its not perfect, it gave me things I needed and it contained the things I love.

I grew up hehe (of course!) looking like Twitty bird as a child.

and being the vain me, I started posing myself in photos! Lolx!

But childhood hadn't been so fun and happy for me. Being the 2nd child of the family and a female, I was often neglected.

My mother is a traditional woman who thinks that "male first-born" is good. So naturally, my elder brother got all the attention and the good brain cells. The only thing that consoled me .. he is not tall *evil laughter* and my retribution for being so evil, is I am not tall too!

I was very active and a tomboy when I was a kid. Riding bikes, hanging out with guys and killing centipedes.

that stopped when I reached Primary school. I became more lady-like perhaps because I was forced to wear a skirt for uniform.

This was of course not my uniform. This was taken when my school organized this costume making competition. The wings were made by my dad using tracing paper and cane (those my mum used to cane me with lolx) Thats my little sister holding my hands. So cute then ... but now... Photobucket

to be continue...........................................

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