Thursday, January 17, 2008

Should I apply for a credit card?

I got lots of calls from tele-marketers after I started working asking me to apply for credit cards. Sometimes the calls come in like 3 or 4 per day and that got me frustrated since I have just started working and had not even reach the minimum salary requirement!

However, after working for a few years, I started thinking whether I should apply for a credit card. June has a credit card and so did Jianfa and a lot of other people. It seems to be a convenient way of using money though some strong will is needed to be able to keep oneself in check and not use too much of it else risk running into bad debt. Credit card is not a bad thing but the person using it should have some control over themselves. A lot of times, they choose to spend over limit without thinking about the consequences of over usage.

I did a credit card check and found that there are so many types of credit cards available! Interest free credit cards, credit cards for women, credit cards for students, Titanium cards and of course credit cards with lots of dining discounts!

I am so interested in signing up for the women's card though the yearly renewal fee or the minimum salary is much higher than other cards. But a credit card will come in handy when we go traveling overseas or when we need to make purchases for the baby (Not yet!) no?