Friday, January 18, 2008

Protect your life with Lifelock

With the level of technology in these days, copying of identity or using other peoples' personal information is just too easy. How many times have you gotten a phone call asking you to sign up for a credit card? How many spam emails have you deleted today even though you only give the email address to your family members? How many times have you bought online with your credit card? You could have gotten your details stolen and forged, the culprit signing up for a credit card using your name. Who is to pay? Of course its you.

This is even more so when banks started allowing people to sign up for credit cards online and send CPF statements online. You will only realized something is wrong when you start to received strange mails. Or you could have lost your wallet together with all your credit cards and identity cards. One can do a lot of things just using your identity number.

LifeLock deals with identity theft crisis by protecting your identity. You no longer have to worry about forgetting to call a credit card company when you lost your wallet. They can also alert you instantly if someone tries to apply for anything using your credits.

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