Friday, February 29, 2008


I just took my bath .. and had the shocked of my life....

Not the addition of a few kgs...

But water does not flow away down the drain... (so what's the big deal??)

I naturally lift the drain cover to see what makes the drain blocked~

I saw~

Ah~~~~~~Urgh~~!! Photobucket

There's a cockroach!!! Or rather, a dead roach's wings floating there.

Invited a scream from me though I didn't get hysterical since I knew it was dead.

So I stood there staring at the drain cover praying it won't come alive while I wear my clothes.

我到底欠了你们什么???? rain

Why? Why do you have to appear whenever I least expect it? Like floating under the drain cover or when I opened the toilet door or when I open the pack of roti prata my colleague bought....

If I did anything to you previous life (like being a roach terminator) I apologize...

Please stop haunting me! ~~~~~

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