Sunday, March 02, 2008

1 more week

1 more week to my AD at KL... so we went to collect our gowns and coats from Dawn's wedding... My my~ Look at the traffic jam there! Vehicles especially those that can carry a lot of people will be thoroughly checked for the escaped terrorist. As a result, roads were packed and slow moving. Took us some time and some detour to reach the customs. Especially the queue for the PRs and foreigners as Singaporeans can use passport scan to go through the Singapore customs.

Finally reaching Dawn's wedding to collect the gowns that we chose from this:

lot of gowns!

This time round, the choosing is faster and more efficient as the judge panel was the same as last time and we all knew which type of gowns suit me more.

I love this but it was rejected as the judges found it too plain.

This is very princessy-like and the cloth feels wonderful. But the train was too long which I won't want as I am very 粗鲁. It will be difficult getting on and off the car on the AD.

Tried on some "Kua" too for the 敬茶on that day. But I don't like this peony design as some how it looks weird.

This Dragon and Phoenix designed Kua looks nicer and it totally fits the theme of the day as my restaurant's name is Dragon Phoenix. I won't be wearing this Kua in the restaurant though, there won't be much time to change.

Finally chose the first wedding gown that I tried on that day. A sweet and simple white gown with pink details. Seems like pink/maroon/red and purple are the theme colors for the day.

A cheena designed evening gown for the cheena designed restaurant. I don't usually like chinese designed items but this gown totally fits me. Even the fushia pink is in the colour which complements my skin color.

Dar will be wearing this 中山领coat to fit my gown though we simply can't decide whether he looks nice with the collar in or out. I prefer out though that will make him look older than actual age. Collar in makes him look like some Japanese High sch kids.

We are unable to get a connecting room in the hotel we are staying in so it will be quite difficult to "play" during the 接新娘... we have to risk complains from the hotel. Sounds like quite sian but we will just see what happen on that day.

I hope that day goes on well. So we have to pray no rain and no traffic jam and I won't be bloated or have dark circles. Had been very hardworking applying eye cream, going for slimming massage and detoxing using apple cider vinegar. I've never used eye cream in my life and it cost me a total of $70!!! Goodness! Why should an eye cream cost so much?

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