Sunday, February 03, 2008

Friday night out~At Bobby's and Axis Pub

Met Claire, Phil and Dar for dinner night out on Fri. Seriously, I didn't know what to suggest for dinner in town since I'm someone who seldom goes out. (Yes, despite all the blog posts etc you see here, I seldom go to places)

In the end, the 3 kukus decided to go for Phil's suggestion to Hog's Cafe at Chijmes.

But alas! There's no seats! No inside, no outside seats! Damn....!

At lost of where to go, we decide to brave the rain and listen once more to the Great Wise Phil to go to Bobby's (Read my review!).

A really great place for an occasional dinner night out~ And the 4 of us great warriors decided to pig out by ordering Mussels, Lamp chop, Caesar Salad, Chicken/Musroom Linguine, Garlic Bread, King Prawn Quarter Chicken with Pork Ribs (guess who ate that!), Mushroom soup, Steak and Rich Choc Truffle~ (we must have looked like we staved for a week)

While waiting for our fuel, of course its cam whoring time! But silly ol me decided to go and forget to bring the blogger essential ----- my trusty Casio Pinky~

No choice, Princess Muxicbox is at the mercy of Claire, Phil and Dar's handphone camera(s).

I did not photoshop this. This was edited solely using the Nokia power machine (handphone la .. but I forgot what model) of Great Wise Phil. ~ wonders of technology ~

Here's an eerie version of me which I use as my handphone wall paper so that I can scare away anyone who tries to steal it.

Food! Food~! Food~~~~!

Caesar Salad
This was the best dish of the night. Crunchy and fresh vegetables with sweet, juicy chicken slices. Best Caesar salad I've ever tasted.

Lamp Chop

Rich Chocolate Truffle
This is not bad too though I think it tasted better if you eat the truffle together with the raspberry/cranberry/mango sauce on the plate.

Satisfied and truffle-full themuxicbox leaving with a great big smile! Haha! Cap on my head belonged to Dar as it was raining and dear Dar didn't want me to get caught in the rain. Sometimes I wonder whether that's why he wore a cap where ever he goes to.

Although Bobby's also serve wine and cocktails but we decided to go else where to chill out. Accidentally, we went into Axis at Mandarin Oriental when actually we wanted to go to Marina Mandarin 's Atrium Lounge as we went into the wrong building.

Gosh! I looked pregnant!

Scenery from our seats

Siao siao us decided to come to H3 to continue our night out by watching the DVD movie Hairspray which Great Wise Phil bought even though its already 12AM. No matter... since I can't sleep after drinking alcohol anyway.

A movie really recommended to watch. Was like really mesmerized by the dance moves and the songs in the movie. Didn't even noticed I was tired! Of course the story line was worth a mention too. Especially for someone who feels the same as the main lead actress towards integration, rights and freedom.

And on Sat, I'll be going to watch 5566 concert! Well not really 5566 concert.... tell you the story in the next post~ ;D Sam Wang! 王绍伟! woo hoo! 帅!!

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