Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mushroom Pot & Sun light

Met up with Phil, Claire and Dar for dinner on Wednesday. We went to The Mushroom Pot at Orchard Point. It was my first time there and it gave me good impression. Perhaps it was because there wasn't many people there being a weekday and we can talk and laugh to our heart's desire.

It was already quite late (Sorry! It was my fault as I tend to forget the time while working) and we kept attacking the peanuts there while reading the menu.

We ordered the steamboat buffet. Some side dishes were included in the menu and one of them was this "Monkey-head mushroom" with special sauce. Crunchy fried mushroom in sweet sauce. Delicious! Dar said it tasted like You Tiao though.

"Yuan Yang" steamboat where one half of the pot is mushroom soup base and the other half was spicy soup base.

This is another side dish. I think its called "Golden Mantou" but I'm not that sure though. Phil and I love this dish. It tasted heavenly especially when you eat it with the condense milk provided.

Went to Sunlight Party World afterwards, there wasn't anyone at the lounge and we had the whole big lounge to ourselves! Looks sleazy though, there used to be Mama-Sans and 小姐s here when this place was still Sunlight KTV. But they were bought up by Party World and became a "normal" family KTV. Though you can find more cigarette smoke and girls in skimpier clothings here. Photobucket

I didn't sing very well tonight. Or should I say I haven't been able to sing well for very long time. I have grown lazy and forgot the "feel" of singing properly. Feeling damn sad about it though I think I still sing ok without mic but when I pick up the mic, I feel breathless. I never used to be like that. I wonder what's wrong. I should practice more and get back the feel. I do love singing after all ;D

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