Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The very late CNY post

Remember that time, themuxicbox was MIA-ing? I went to KL for the chinese new year~ Departed on 5th feb, we took the overnight bus from Boon Lay and due to lateness from SOME people, we managed to leave the station 15mins late. Which means the custom will be full of buses leaving at the same time and being 15mins late, we maybe at the end of the queue.

(my cam only managed to have this wide a focus but there were like still many buses at the front of the queue)

So having nothing to do and waiting for the crawling buses, what else but cam whoring??

Shaky no. 1

Shaky no. 2 and I know I looked different. Well, I cut off my waist length hair and totally regretted it! Now I look like 30++ years old. ;(

Candid with Dar and that won me a "Hey what are you doing? Seat still ah~!"

So I was annoyed.

and decided to annoy him further by taking more candid shots of him while he played games on his laptop. But alas! He saw me and managed to shoot a look at me.

Finally reaching the first toll after custom and that's like nearly 12AM. Though its the Chinese New Year and there were many buses going into Malaysia, cars were few.

Trip was fine though we were forced to listen and watch some MTV from singers of the 60's and I encountered a damn rude commuter who put her seat back so low, I don't even have the place to cross my legs. I wonder if I have my laptop on (like Dar) and she come crushing down like that, will my laptop go to heaven?? Giving subtle hints like unnatural coughing, shaking her seat got me no reactions from her. So I shook up her up from her comfy sleep and told her to raise her seat-back abit. ABIT~! I said ABIT and the !@$@#$ person told me to shut up cause she did nothing wrong as people buy overnight bus ticket so that they can sleep..

So I told her even if she want to sleep, she should not cause inconveniences to other people. And the !@#$@$#@ person with limited vocabulary repeated in a rather loud voice that she did nothing wrong as people buy overnight bus ticket to sleep. People do not buy overnight ticket so that "they can sleep" they may have other reasons like not wanting to take another day's leave. Or they can't find other tickets available. If you want to have a peaceful, comfy and undisturbed sleep, please book your private bus. Thank you.

*whew~ enough complains*

We reached KL at like 4AM in the morning and were too exhausted to even bring out the camera not to say take photos. I couldn't even stand straight while getting ready for sleep but still sharp enough to see a (damn) roach nearby. *eeks*

*sleep~ zzz*

day 2 was CNY eve and since there wasn't much to do, we decided to go shopping~ Dar managed to find all his clothes in his house given away and had no choice but to buy new ones.

This is the "granny" Mashimaro my sister-in-law (SIL) keeps in her car and Dar likes to take off the granny cap which makes it look weird and er... bald?

Jusco which is very near our KL house. When I was here for the first few times, I always ask Dar how come we need to take the car when its just a 20mins walk from his house? Now, I don't bother as I realized car is one of the most essential item there. Not like in Singapore, car prices are low and easily gotten in Malaysia. But of course, Malaysia is way wa~~~~~y bigger than Singapore.

Had our lunch at Secret Recipe and tried the Sinful-not-for-dieting Chicken Cordon Bleu and Lemon Cheese cake.

(Dar's I forgot whats the name dish and he was halfway through it even before my dish came)

Tired and bloated-looking me having slept at 4++am dreaming of roaches.

Sinful sinful Chicken Cordon Bleu (look at the cheese)~ and Lemon cheese cake

Macdonald's bear acting emo.

This is the scenery from the balcony of Dar's room. Its also my favorite place in the house where I can sit and read books without interruptions. As you can see, the houses are so close together sometimes its difficult to change clothes without closing the door. It also made the house damn warm.

Day 3: 1st day of new year, changed into our new clothes after wishing happy new year to our parents and eating the first meal of the year. Going house visiting! Very few photos taken though as although I've seen his other relatives before, I didn't want to scared them by taking photo of every damn thing.

4th day which was also the 2nd day of new year, we went on a long long trip to er... "Lenglong" to do new year visiting as well as give out wedding invitation cards for the dinner in March.

Damn long trip it was, we left the house at like 11AM and reached there at 7+PM. Of course that included some slow driving due to the rain, one toilet break and a wrong turn.

Very oily me after the long long trip.

The place is a rather laid-back area near to the mountains in a small small town where air is somewhat fresh and water cold. Water was iced-cold after 10PM as they route water from the mountain. Bathing wasn't possible without using the heater.

They have sort of a "pasar malam" at night where people sell Malay food, toys, jewelery and clothes.

CNY in Malaysia cannot be without fireworks! This was one thing I missed. I used to loved playing with fireworks when I was a kid. There was this vegetable garden behind my grandma's house in Johor where we played fireworks every CNY, trampling over her vegetables in the process. Later they banned fireworks in Johor which was a good thing too since there were too many accidents.

They are not banned at "Lenglong" though, since its more of a laid-back area. However, the risk of accidents is somewhat higher as houses are made of wood and built close together. Care have to be taken.

The next day, while leaving "Lenglong", we found out that it was actually called "Leng Gong".

Now isn't this familiar? *finger licking good~*

More house visiting before we finally dragged ourselves back home for a rest.

5th day, the day we head back to Singapore, we went house visiting *ang bao! ang bao!* before we head to Federal hotel to see the restaurant which is to hold our wedding dinner in March.

A very "古色古乡" restaurants with *damn* lot of dragons and phoenix figurines, Chinese engravings EVERYWHERE. (even on the ceiling!) Not that I don't like it but I just can't appreciate such Chinese deco even though I love to read up Chinese history but I think they belonged in the museum or library. (肤浅的我)

Head for the bus station at Pudu, our bus was scheduled to leave at 5PM meaning it will be at least 10PM before we even get near to Singapore. However, due to the slow traffic (and tolls-I thought we paid?!?), it wasn't before 12PM when we finally crossed the custom into Singapore.

Tired and sleepy, we bath before sleeping as work starts the next day (at least for me) still have to check my email before going to bed and found 150+ emails in my inbox! I tensed a while and closed the window, decided that sleep is better for me ;P

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