Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy happy day, KTV night out and Horton hears a whoo~

Had choir pract on Good Friday morning. Somehow can't concentrate in the first part of the pract. Lucky I went through the NoteWorthy Composer the night before.

Decided to go for Suki Sushi for lunch and went all the way to the nearest outlet which was in Choa Chu Kang... (Getting lost on the way lolx!)


Suki Sushi's website is NOT updated!

By the time we reached... Suki Sushi is closed~ for~ renovation~

No buffet! So we decided to make do for Sakae Sushi which~ was ALSO closed.

No choice we had to make do with the first restaurant we saw which was Pastamania.

I've only went to Pastamania Causeway Point before and the food was great. Especially the Mediterranean pasta which is my favorite dish.

I decided to order it for our lunch there in addition, garlic bread and pizzas.

One word: Disappointment

Another word : Salty

In fact, except for the garlic bread which was crispy and very tasty, other dishes tasted salty.

During lunch, I saw this very, very tall man holding a small and cute bag on his shoulder. Apparently, the bag belonged to his girlfriend. I remarked to Claire that I felt sorry for the guy as no matter how much he loves to carry his girlfriend's bag, I do think it looks ugly (not the bag... not the bag).

I can boast, I've never let my husband carry my bag unless its shopping bags or I need my hands free for a moment. Even though my husband asked me to let him help. (I just don't want my man to look erm ... un-man) Come on~ bags we female carry are seldom even bigger than A4 size and are never even heavy if we are going on a date or shopping trip. Not like we are some bimbo-tic princess who needs man to wait on us hands and knees.. Duh~

I don't think a man will ever good in his Gucci tie, G2000 suit and a small~ cute~ little pink bag with a bling bling ribbon on his hand.

Oh well... back to us erm .. "manly" people ... we decided to catch a movie at Cineleisure.

Goodness! Look~ we can hardly believe we are at Orchard looking at the number of people on the road.


While waiting for the movie, we decided to get some drinks as we were feeling thirsty from the salty salty Pasta we ate.

XinWang Hong Kong cafe
seems to be a great choice. Claire did mention the "Ying Yong" is great. (Ying Yong = 鸳鸯= a drink mixed from coffee and tea popular in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore)

I don't really like the taste of the Ying yong though, its too milky but I do love the Lychee tea Dar ordered.

The ENORMOUS Mango ice.

At first I was rather . . . about watching a cartoon but the cartoon proofed me wrong. We practically laughed our way through the movie despite some idiotic movie goers. (like some parents who could not stop their kids from flashing a laser pointer on the screen) I shall not talk about the story here but ...

you can read about it here (disclaimer! Do not click if you plan to go watch the movie! Synopsis included!)

I will give it a 4 stars out of 5. Nice plot with a great layout. It has got minimum "holes" throughout the cartoon (those holes that makes you wonder whether you can rush to the toilet). Funny portions are really funny with some humanity/morality mixed in.

The cartoon was actually based on this book written in 1954 by Dr. Seuss: Horton Hears a Who!. Which I realized I had already read when I was a little kid. Though I've already forgotten about it.

The only part I felt not up to the mark was the music. Not that the music wasn't good. Just that there were too little of it. (I'm a sucker for shows with great music)

Nevertheless, its a great show definitely recommended! Quick go watch!

After the movie, we went to Orchard Party World and sang there at the lounge until its closing time. If its not for some other people in the lounge, we would have had a great time there. Since for lounge system, its 2 songs per table. We had 3 whereas the others there were a group of friends who separate table just so they can sing more.

But still, it was fun and we learn the meaning to the 成语of 量力而为. Oh well... this is just another mean part of me which I do not think is important to remember or to note down here. No elaborations but you can ask me when you see me.

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