Friday, April 11, 2008

Cheap Air Flights

We had actually discussed to go overseas for a short vacation with a group of friends. Being on budget (oh~ as per always), we did not have abundance of money to pay for air flight, airport tax, accommodation and our own expenditure. The only way out is to of course pool our resources and to search for cheap airline tickets, accommodations etc. That's where I found Cfares, a site that allows you to search for airline tickets and hotel accommodation at prices cheaper than the market rate. With the "Hot Deals" category, you can find opportunities for trips to Europe or New York at extremely value prices!

Convenient way of doing searches by keying in your destination Country or Airport. Or, you can do your searches using hotel names if you preferred staying in the same hotel group. The best thing is, Cfares allows you to enter the price of your choice. In other words, bid for your air tickets. Their system will try to find the best match and reserve the tickets for you.

Although our plan for the vacation is currently on hold, Cfares sure is a good site to help us plan our trip the next round.

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