Friday, April 11, 2008

Of Apple Cidar Vinegar and Detox!

I've been drinking Apple Cidar Vinegar for 3 months and I must say, I'm amazed at its effects and note that this is NOT an ad.

I was introduced to Apple Cidar Vinegar (ACV) by my massage therapist for slimming massage. She gave us ACV to drink whenever we went for her sessions. The first time I went and drink it, she told me it was for detox. So I went to do some research on ACV and found that its more than just detox.

Some of the main benefits I've read are:
Detox, promot digestion, maintain healthy skin, sooth irritated skin, help in weight lost, support the immune system, lower cholesterols and cure flus. I've also read somewhere that ACV reduces sinus symptoms though it hadn't really been proven, my sinus symptoms significantly reduced. No longer do I need to spray my nasal spray everyday. I can reduce the number of times to 2 to 3 times per week.

So far, I found most of them to be true. My sensitive skin becomes less sensitive and less prone to pimples. Bowels loosen (not lose control!) *blush*and water retention reduced. Weight is easier to maintain though please take note that you cannot rely on it to lose weight. You still have to control it by means of a healthy diet and of course--exercising (Which I seldom do~~)

People with sensitive stomach, teeth and throat have to take care not to drink ACV too frequently or drink it too concentrated. You'll end up with diarrhea or a burnt throat if you are not careful. I am one such person as my stomach is very sensitive. When I first started drinking ACV, I ended up with diarrhea as I followed the instructions on the bottle which is 3 times a day. (My massage therapist used and bought for me this organic brand of ACV called Bragg)

Also, its best to drink lots of water when you are in ACV diet as the acidity may cause your intestinal layers to be thinner, affects your throat and the coating of your teeth. Refrain from drinking it on empty stomach!

I will normally drink ACV 2 times a day, diluting it with honey and water. 1 tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon ACV, for those who dislikes the smell and taste of vinegar, mixing it with juices will be the best. Or you can choose to dilute it with plain water or juices.

So far I've tried it with honey, apple juice, blue coral, water and green tea. Tasted the best with apple juice served ice-cold. Yum!

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