Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My DS Lite Hanged!

Didn't know why but I just can't fall asleep yesterday. A few reasons I can suggest:-

1. The elephants upstairs decided to rearrange their furniture. AGAIN~ Light-sleeper-Me is having trouble sleeping.

2. Its near my period. Well its been one of the PMS that I can't fall asleep no matter how tired and how much things I've done that day. (so there's not only the pain)

3. Too hyper during the day trying to deal with stock reports and payments after payments after claims~ after payments~ and then the claims~~~ Aw~ You got it....

4. Its my Sinus acting up and blocking my nose.

So I decided~ ok~ I should play with the DS Lite termed Litey. And the best thing in the world~~ It Hanged~! Wootz! What a lucky night =_="

Smsing Claire would be the best as I know its no use Msning her while she is at her comp... (Games! What else?)

She suggested I take out some of the games in there as it may be the memory (or the lack of it) problem .... and I tried that today~ Hey Presto! It worked! So now MyLordClaire-andhermanyothernicknames-Yap became the new 神 m(-_-)m after Ah Di.

Also to mention... Ah Di's newest feedback that he cannot : watchyoutube, blogblogger, multimultiply, friendfriendster and etc in China. Cos those webs are blocked. So no choice but to set up another blog address as a temporary for his period-in-China usage.

Not having to blog is one thing. But not having anything interesting to do is another. Well Ah Di~! Go out to the "fresh air"~! Take a look at the traffic jams~! Let people stare at you~! Visits the gardens~! There is a world out there beyond the virtual ya know ~ ;D

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