Thursday, April 03, 2008

Nerve to increase train fare no mind to repair train?

Just 3 hours ago, was on the train on my way home. I was standing at the area between 2 cabins or should I say I was pushed to that area. I felt some drops of water on my feet and was thinking hack. Must be some people who was dripping water off their umbrella. Was just about to turn and stare at the person to keep his "water to himself" when I realized he's not even holding an umbrella.

Turned out that the train was leaking water from the ceiling as well as the "walls" of the train. The leak got worse during my trip. I was counted as lucky as I was not standing directly under the leak. But there were others standing there. It leaked so much that small rivers and patches of rain water formed where people stepped on it.

Couldn't get a clear picture of the leak at the ceiling though. And couldn't try without people staring at me. (What's so interesting about a person taking photo of a leaking ceiling??)

So where did the fare hike go to? Can I have a reason other than increase in petrol prices? Hey petrol~~ its YOUR fault. Not the people whom take too much so that it becomes more difficult extracting petrol. Not at all~

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