Friday, May 09, 2008

I've recovered and on my way

Thanks ya all for all the concern ya all have given to me cause of my eyes (the swollen ET eyes). I've completely recovered ... erm... ok my eyes have recovered but I'm still choking on mucous and phlegm and dizzying from headaches....Photobucket

Today also marks the last day I am with my company and will be going into a whole new environment on Weds.

To be honest, I am getting quite jittery over the new environment as I don't know what to expect, where to start and where to look.... ALL by myself... Photobucket

But still, I chose this because ($ $ $ $$!!) I found that I get bored easily and quickly lose concentration and motivation... As I've mentioned in previous posts, I will sign up and explore a lot of friends network, have an account in many blog platforms and etc because I just love to explore and see what is in it for me... Thats the same for jobs as well... so I guess, if I want to become interested in my work and to go into it, I have to make the decision even if its a hard one.

So this post is really to thank those who have been concerned about me as well as to act as an evident on my blog for me to remind myself the reason I chose this new environment.

My loyal readers who read this post, please do slap me with this post (if you still remember) whenever I get demoralized....


谢谢了!!Thank you~~

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