Thursday, May 08, 2008

Personalized Baby Shoes

At this age, I can say most of my friends are prepared to get married and of course, giving birth. The headache that I have is of course the gifts that are appropriate for baby’s showers. Having not much of an experience, the best way is of course, giving money. However giving money may be practical, it loses the meaning behind. Flowers would not be a good choice as the baby or the mother maybe allergic to them. We can also choose to give baby items such as nappies, milk powder only that such gifts required some knowledge of what is the size of the baby or what milk powder can the baby take.

I feel that personalized baby items seem to be the best. Newborn baby gifts like personalized bracelets that the family can use or keep as memento or things like custom baby shoes with the baby's name and birth date on. Even after the baby had grown out of the items, they can still keep it for memento sake. Personalized baby shoes can also be for the elder babies who are going to Kindergarten as there won't be a problem of shoes mixing up as the baby now has the most unique pair of shoes that only the baby has! ;D

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