Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My blog haven't die ... yet

There are many kinds of bloggers. Naming a few and not trying to be sarcastic,

1. The blog-about-every-little-thing blogger. A blog post almost everyday. Topics can be from "I went with XXX to YYY and eat ZZZ" to "I @#$@# that AAA cause he always BBB" to "I feel bored."

2. The topic blogger. Specific topic on "I make money blogging to teach people how to make money blogging" to Soap, Anime, cooking etc.

3. The My-Life blogger. Details of life events, thoughts, ramblings and etc. Many of such blogs, I found interesting. Refer to "No. 6 The event blogger"

4. The Photo blogger. 'Nuff said. Photobucket

5. The Sleeping blogger. ... today I "ZZZZ"....Photobucket

6. The Event blogger. This kind of blogger can be overlapped with No. 3 The My-Life-Blogger and may have nothing much to blog about if thoughts and life have got not much changes. E.g Little Old Me.

And that explains why I did not update my blog for more than a week when I used to blog round 2 to 3 times a week.

Thats because the only events I had recently are blisters on my foot from walking to office every day. Not to mention my event Kakis are MIA-ing. Choir practices scheduled every weekend.

Of course I do not rot at home after work or choir. There were lunch outs and etc. Though none of them were new places.

I did go to Disney Naturally last Sat though and that will be on the next post since I am too busy nursing my blisters (Ouch~~~!) to upload the photos.

Stay tune~

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