Monday, June 02, 2008

Disney Naturally~

Alone again (Naturally) by Gilbert O'Sullivan

A song that touched my heart . .

I first got to know this song while watching 相聚一刻 or Maison Ikkoku a comic by 高橋留美子 (Rumiko Takahshi) . This 28 year old comic/anime was about a pre-U man 五代裕作 (Yusaku Godai) without a goal or aim in life and keep failing his exam for a University place. He moved into Ikkoku Condominium or 一刻馆 to prepare for his exam and ended up falling in love with the Condominium Manager 音無響子(Kyoko Otanashi). The comic was not just a normal love story but rather one about choosing one's life goal, the difficulty of getting into University and getting a job as well as traditional thinkings that prevented the lovers from getting together. (Yusaku was 4 years younger than Kyoko and Kyoko was a widow) No doubt this comic's graphics were simple and a bit outdated, its still one of my favorite besides 神劍闖江湖 (Samurai X). I've read this set of comics 3 times and watched the anime a few times.


- - - - - -
So what has this got to do with the title of the post? Well, that song was the first to came to my mind when I received an email for this restaurant - - Disney Naturally

Situated a 370 Alexandra Road Anchorpoint, this restaurant became an instant hit. So when we decided to visit this restaurant after choir, we couldn't find a seat and had to wait for 10 mins at 3pm in the afternoon!! Ok, so since there are so many people patronizing this restaurant, we decided to wait.

When finally we got our seats, we ordered : Chocolate milk, Pineapple/Mango, Strawberry smoothies named after Disney Princesses, Macaroni and cheese spaghetti and Tomato Pasta.

Chocolate milk was alright. But still, its just normal chocolate milk that HL can do better.

Pasta, looks like a big portion. Then again, the size of the dish was small. Sure to say this portion wasn't big enough for my husband. He finished it in 4 mouthfuls and had to add that much cheese to get a flavor out of it.

Macaroni and Cheese ... looks nice but doesn't taste as nice. Too watery and lacking in flavor. Except for macaroni and watery cheese, other ingredients were few. This dish will taste nicer if the amount of ham and pineapple increase.

Menu was limited too~ with only 3 kinds of spaghetti/pasta (one was the pasta of the day). Some kinds of burgers, pizzas and drinks.

Smoothies were what we found tasty there. Interesting blend of fruits such as Mango and Pineapple, healthy and refreshing. Though they can be improved on by crushing the ice to smaller pieces cause as we took our drinks, we found some ice "cubes" at the bottom.

Pizzas were in the shaped of a Mickey's head. Some may find it cute but I just found it unnerving to eat up a Mickey's head. At the cost of $15.90, I don't find it worth the value as the taste of the pizza wasn't that great. Crust too dry and the tomato sauce on it made the pizza salty.

On the whole, I won't recommend this place unless you have a Disney-crazy kid. 3 of us spent a total of $63+ and ended with a half full, unsatisfied stomach. Disney Naturally has got good customer service though, the staffs being polite throughout.

However, it should change its ordering system. There were 2 counters there, one at the food area and another where they sell Disney merchandises. We were ushered to the payment counter at the Merchandise area to place order and pay for the food. However, we had to wait for very long as there were people paying for some toys in front of us. Seeing that the queue was slow, the man behind us went to the counter at the food area and placed his order. So in the first place, why were we ushered to the merchandise counter??

I would say I will not step into that place again though its good that they serve healthy meals and have hand washing areas to teach the kids to be healthy and good. But as an adult, I don't really appreciate the cute deco, small seats and confusing system.

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