Monday, May 05, 2008

Scary ET eyes

Was having fever and headache last night. Not to mention the elephants living upstairs. They must be teaching their kids how to Judo or how to perform Acrobats. Not bad, soon, their kids will be able to earn for themselves. Too bad my downstairs neighbors don't have the habit of knocking on their ceiling. Otherwise I will have surround sound system absolutely free.

This afternoon, went to see doctor. All was well, just feeling down due to the fever and flu. Suddenly my eyes became itchy. Within half an hr they became

like this

Super strong medicine my doctor gave me... 1 hour after taking the medicine, I began to feel nausea, giddy and my heart beat became faster. I couldn't breath properly and I totally thought I am going to die. Fortunately all these became slightly more bearable and I was able to sleep.

3 hours later, woke up under the sounds of the acrobatic group upstairs. Shocked when I saw the mirror. My eyes became 2 small slits! Now I am the one looking like an elephant.

I hope the swelling will subside soon though the last time my sinus became this bad, it took 4 days for the swelling to go down.


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