Monday, June 30, 2008

Bloatedness & Water retention

went to massage yesterday and having skipped the massage for 2 weeks, the moment my massage artist saw me, she exclaim : "Wah~! You put on so much weight!!!" I was like Photobucket

But a check will show that my weight remain the same. Its my water retention up to mischief again. Haiz~~ Photobucket

But many people would say to reduce the amount of water intake. But in actual fact, water retention is not caused by an increase in water intake. In fact, its cause by the reduction in water intake as well as the sodium level in the body. I, for one, don't like to drink water. Sometimes I can drink only 500ml per day and on some days, even lesser. Tea, coffee and Apple cider not counted as they actually cause dehydration in the body even though they are good for health. Note: Coffee can be good for health only in little quantity. Hey! Caffeine in little qty improves our mood ok?

So now I have to eat lesser sodium which I am currently doing (except the salted nuts that day hmm~), as well as to constantly remind myself to drink water, drink water, drink water~

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