Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I never used to cook before getting married. My mum is the type of person who believes she is the sole proprietor, the queen of the kitchen. She never allows us to use her kitchen and always lurks around to scrutinize us whenever we use her kitchen even to make salads for group outings. She will always rewash the food processors that we used and washed.

After getting married, cooking becomes part of my life. Cooking is easy. But cooking food that tastes nice is difficult. Especially when every thing, every step you use to process the food ingredients can affect the taste of the final product. I used to read comics on cooking. Those Japanese comics like Curry Addict and Cooking Master Boy often had me mesmerized with the way they process the food stuffs.

Both my husband and I work. Sometimes it’s very tiring to rush home to prepare the ingredients for cooking. Neither can I be like the cooks in the comics, prepare the dishes within a short time using minimal help. That’s where food Processors come into the picture. Although many may say that modern technology will not produce nice taste but that can be changed when you use suitable food Processors for the different ingredients like sauces, mincing meat etc.

I plan to buy a mini mincer. So that I don't have to spend too much time on chopping onions and garlic which I use a lot in my cooking. We can also have more variety of dishes like minced meat balls as compared to now.