Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Busy busy time to relax

Been real busy lately and feeling very down. Sickness, stress from work and choir made me feel rather lethargic. I really believe that when one is lethargic, one will become lazy. Not because they are lazy by nature. Imagine a runner who keeps sprinting and sprinting without rest. Not matter how strong the runner is, there will be some day he will run out of energy and wants to take a rest. If the runner takes a rest and continue his running, results may remain the same or improve. If however, there's no rest, then the result will most probably go downhill.

Just like a person who works and think too much. When I feel tired, lethargic, I will want a rest. If I am not able to get any, my work progress slows and I will loathe going to work or loathe thinking too much about things such as work procedures or the nitty gritty things.

A holiday will be nice. A chance to relax. If not to travel, a good rest, spa session, a dip in the hotel pool will be great too. We can go to Barcelona, my husband's dream because of his favorite soccer team. I would prefer a more historical, artsy place like Rome or a simple hotel by the beach. However, no matter where I go, I will prefer not to have too much strangers around. Not that I hate human. Just that where ever there are people, there is incidents so I would prefer a trip with just a few close friends or just with my husband. That will be lovely!