Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hey~! I am a FB!!

Alright, before you translate "FB" into Fat Bitch... I'll clarify that it means "Featured Blogger"

I'm being featured in Blog2u~!

Blog2u is a service that brings together advertisers and bloggers. Now, whats so special?

Like I've mentioned before in Yebber and other places, blog2u is unique and I did not say this because they featured me. These are my personal experiences.

It tries to ensure the best for bloggers by providing payment on the spot ie, transferring money right into your account once the advertisement/sponsored post/sponsored reviews were put up.
"So what?" you say? Well, this goes to shows that blog2u trusted in the maturity and integrity of bloggers. That bloggers would not go against their words once money was received. Now this is important especially for us bloggers as a lot of people don't really think much of bloggers.

2nd, blog2u provides great support for bloggers. I don't know about advertisers since I am not one. But bloggers can be expect replies and responses, apologies and remedies within short time frame. Blog2u recognizes that without bloggers, whatever online advertising platform will not work well.

3rd, blog2u deserves respect. Not only does it concentrate on online advertising business, it also believes that bloggers can form a community through it to help people/organizations in need. Besides featuring advertisers and bloggers, it also features non-profit organizations and other means for people to do charity work e.g the China Earthquake Appeal

I say again, I did not write this because they featured me. Rather, these are my own experiences and feelings. No doubt there were some glitches in the past and things are currently not that perfect. There are still rooms for improvements like the no. of advertisers to increase and perhaps more types of business advertisers. However, those who take notice can see how blog2u really work to solve the glitches as well as improve themselves.

That deserves thumbs up~! Ganbatte!!~!

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