Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lightings affect your mood

Recently I found out that the lightings, will affect our mood for the day/night significantly. Just like how pubs play with dim lights, skin care centre play with white lights for the professional look and furniture shops play with warm/yellow lightings for the homely look. We can do some planning for our homes so that we will always be comfortable and happy at home. There is a Chinese saying that means when things go well at home and a person is happy, and then the person can excel in other areas such as health and work.

For example, good vanity lighting can relax our mind while bathing or compliment us as we make-up for a dinner night out. Warm yellow lights at the corner together with a bean bag or a cup of tea can help us to de-stress from a hard day's work. People who love the Victorian or Vintage look can go for Progress lighting. People with unique collections like figurines or utensils can draw more attention to their prized collections with under cabinet lighting. Doing up our homes the way we love is very important as our homes should be the place where we belong, feel at ease and would love to return to. Hence it’s very important to plan before renovation or choosing the furniture and lights.

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