Thursday, June 19, 2008

Save the earth~ Reduce the flyers~

Oops~ did I say ease the flyers?

Well, nothing on the yellow side. Just a feeling I got when I went to open my mail box just now.

Big hoo ha about saving the earth . . . Earth Day, Do not use plastic bags day, shut down computer day, switch off lights for X hrs day . .

How come there isn't a Do not give out/print flyers (paper advertisements) day?

I wonder how much papers we can save when we recycle all the advertisements we receive in our mail box. There was once I did not open the mail box for 1 week. The number of flyers there = 5 times the proper (important) mails addressed to me. I wonder how many trees can be saved if we did not print all those advertisements. Not to mention reduction of poisonous fumes used for the ink to print the advertisements.

If 2kg of paper used to print the advertisements for a block of flats, not printing for just my neighboring blocks can save 16kg of paper!

We can't blame those people giving out flyers since they are just trying to make a living. Can we blame the people who asked them to give out the flyers? Most probably can though they may argue that those flyers help in increasing their business. But by what percentage I ask.... perhaps 0.05%? I myself don't read those advertisements ... I wonder how many people does read through them.

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