Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cars Cars Cars

Currently I have to take bus to IMM then walk to my work place which is about 15 minutes walk through a mass of buildings, heavy vehicles on the road, foreign workers' quarters and a long canal. Normal days are fine; I will just end up with my back wet with sweat, salty hair and a pair of new heels every 3 months. But when it comes to rainy days, I will end up with wet clothes especially pants. If I forget to bring my umbrella, that's even worse. I once saw a girl walked in the rain throughout those 15 minutes (same building as mine) I feel like running up to her to share my umbrella. I used to think that having a car is so troublesome. You have to face the cost of petrol (its rising~!), cost of parking, getting lost, financing and its maintenance. However its those rainy weekdays that I wished I could drive or had the money to buy a car like used cars for sale in sd . Those troublesome thoughts will just go away. Haha! Either that or my office relocate. Which is more likely? Hmm...

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