Monday, July 07, 2008

Kung Fu Panda ~~~ Heeeeee Ya~!

Was like damn sian at work that day and so Phil asked so shall we do something, go somewhere since I'm so sian. So we came out with going to watch a movie = Kung Fu Panda in fact its a long delayed trip. As the last time we tried, we ended up in the KTV.

So went down to Plaza Sing squashed in a world class transport with people from around the world and smelly armpits.

Dar says : "We are on the 5th floor at the Comics Connection." So I reached and saw . . . "Spotlight" and 3 shadowy people standing on the 6th floor Comics Connection. At that time I did a hand signal .. arh arh~ not the obscene kind. *tsk tsk*

Ate at Secret Recipe as we had wonderful experience with the food at Secret Recipe Malaysia. We are definitely and absolutely stupid to think that if the quality of food is the same at the Singapore branch.

My chicken Cordon Bleu looked like (all 4 opinions) : Sweet potato deep fried and there's hardly any cheese in it, just a bunch of ham and chicken a bit of cheese here and there. Compared to the time at KL that I've eaten, where the cheese will flow out when we cut the chicken. Dry texture and not much taste. This dish certainly failed.

My husband ordered Black Pepper Chicken chop with rice and my husband's comments were:"not bad but besides that nothing to say."

Besides that, we were told that plain water is at the cost of $0.50 and since we couldn't find anything we liked in the menu, we decided to get plain water instead. When it came, we were speechless as the so called plain water is just bottled cold distilled water. Its not even the 500ml types but the 300ml type that was just sufficient to fill a cup. The meaning behind the bottled water was that it cannot be refilled. So There~!

Since a main dish cannot really fill my husband's stomach, he decided to order the cakes. As Secret Recipe was well known for having its cake menu half unavailable, we raised our hands to ask the service crew what were available. As expected, none of the crews came over. Nor did they look around or walk around but just hover at the payment counter. That happened when we raised our hands to order our food too.

However, a read up on the reviews will show that there were many positive reviews on the cakes they served. Its too bad that the service crew made us turned off otherwise we would have ordered the cakes and my review of it won't be too bad.


Kung Fu Panda

We walked around Plaza Sing till it was nearly time for the movie before walking to The Cathay. Right at the door, I saw someone in bright orange T-Shirt looking suspiciously~ like Mr Brown. Whom noticed me looking suspiciously at him~

Timing was right and we didn't have to be bombarded by numerous advertisements before we can watch the show we paid for.

Sitting down, there weren't too much people there and luckily not too much children around as we all know its a bit irritating to watch movies with children around.

The movie had us laughing all the way through though the movie wasn't exactly that funny. It seems funnier when my friends are around.

The movie was about a Panda who dreams of becoming a Kung Fu Master but in actual fact, he was just the adopted son of the Noodle Shop's Goose boss. Things happened and the Jade Palace begin looking for the legendary Dragon Warrior to help them in their adverse situation. Ping Peng Piang~ and the Panda (PO) was chosen as the Dragon Warrior much to the disgust of the Shifu and the Furious Five (FF) (argh~~~!). Po was rather dejected as he didn't believe he was and will be the dragon warrior and being disliked by his idols (The FF).

Po was encouraged by Master Oogway who later passed away due to old age. Shifu had no choice but to depend on Po. He discovered Po's hidden talent while Po was stealing food and launch a special training just for Po.

When finally Po managed to obtain the Dragon Scroll, he discovered a secret that led him to defeat the evil presence that threatened the Jade Palace.

Main aim of the movie was the message : "Believe in yourself and you can do it" kind of thing. Healthy and funny show for all ages to watch. Voiced by many big shots like Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu.

I like the Tigress (one of FFs) voiced by Angelina Jolie. Beautiful character and the one which was short changed as she was the strongest of the FF, the one who stayed by Shifu the longest and would have been chosen to be the Dragon Warrior. Even though she wasn't chosen, she still stood by faithfully.

However, the tone of voice, the facial expression of the characters and also the MO of the story reminded me of Shrek. I don't know for sure but the show gave me the feeling that perhaps the production cast overlapped, causing the similarities. This should be taken note of as if the next cartoon is similar again, it will cause a deja vu feeling and will not raise the interest of audiences.

I also don't like the Chinese subtitles as some of the puns were supposed to be funny but as I am able to understand the English spoken as well as the Chinese subtitles, the subtitles gave the game away and I won't find the puns as funny. However this is inevitable as no matter what the movie needs to cater to those who rely on the subtitles.

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