Thursday, July 10, 2008

Good DJs for good fun

I used to visit clubs for bashes organized by our own hall of residence for "canvassing" (actually it just means earning money to top up the miserable budget allocated). Some times it's just damn boring when the DJs at the clubs are not fun. You will find very few people willing to dance or even enter the club. There was once we went for Ladies Night on a Sat and became the 2nd table of guests for that certain club we went in. Yes, 2 tables. We guessed for certain that it's due to the boring music tracks being played.

DJs are also important when we organized the yearly Dinner and Dance for the halls. I've attended D&Ds when guests laughed all the way through and also been to some where guests don't even bother to participate in the games that the DJs organized. Hence it's better to spend some money getting san diego djs than getting great other things that the guests may not appreciate.

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