Thursday, July 17, 2008


Ok ok I know the photos are not a Wow but hey! they are considered good when I have to pretend that I am not taking photos while aiming at the object with my not-so-good Nokia phone camera.

Anyway, Tango's at Holland V. We went there after eating at Coffee Club (Yes, there's still space in there). Oh man~ this place is a HOT house. Not hot as in popular but hot as in not cool, warm, hot and sweating. I think this is due to its open concept (Look ma~ No doors~!) but yet used a lot of yellow lighting. By the end of the night, I'm uncomfortable not because of tiredness but because its too warm.

This place has got impressive menu though and it took us some time to decide what we wanted.

Dar ordered the half Chix and according to him, its value for money and definitely great tasting. I had a piece of the Chix too and indeed, the skin is crispy while meat is tender not to mention the size of the portion given. Grilled squid took a long time to cook and came out Cao4 Ta1 and oily.

We ordered Margarita, Tropical Paradise (Martini) which took damn long to come and Erdinger. Can't really say anything good about them which I think its mostly because the heat there made the iced drinks warm fast. Cold drinks soon became room temperature and doesn't taste as nice as should be.

We should have stay at the outside seats which seems to be cooler. No wonder there wasn't much people sitting inside when we went there.

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