Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bak Baker Bakerzin~ Gi Gir Giraffe

Woo Hoot~ its the 301st post and 1 week of non-blogging. Lolx~ No I'm not sick of blogging just that I've been too tired (and LAZY) to blog.

Had a whole Sat of activity. Spent the first part of it at choir and receiving my new phone SE 760i
which I had the customer service at Starhub searched and checked high and low for the stock for "fancy red" in the end the red doesn't fancy me and there wasn't any stock. I chose the "rocky silver" phone instead. The route to receiving this phone was rocky too as the customer service person had to call me numerous times and dragged 2 weeks before I finally relent to giving up the red phone. Not that I love red but this model looks better in red. A thumbs up for Jiawei, the customer service person who served me. Real patient and polite~!

2nd part of the day was
1) KTV where we recorded a horrendous version of Stephanie Sun's 第一天

2)Dinner at Bakerzin at Paragon.

Mushroom and steak sandwich. The mushroom looked a bit erm.... wormy but the sauce for the mushroom was flavorful and real tasty though the cut of the steak was not so good though the crispy bread was totally awesome.

Chicken dumpling soup. Though it doesn't taste really that nice but it was the best among the soups that we ordered that day. Soup made of Cordyceps (I guessed) and other herbs together with dumplings with chicken meat filing. Chicken meat was plain in flavor together with the soup that was also plain in flavor summarizes into ... oh well, you got the idea. Its a tad ex too... being $5++ for a small bowl with 2 dumplings.

Pasta dishes were nice and rated higher than average in comparison to those I've eaten. But there's nothing special worthed a mention cept that the amount of garlic in their cream-sauce types of pasta was a huge heap.

Flaky pizza. Husband commented that the crust of the pizza taste and feels like curry puff skin. (Thats why its called flaky pizza ba) He didn't like the pizza's crust but finds the filing very nice. I didn't had a taste of it but it seems like the dressing of the salad was great enough to make my husband eat the greens though he hates to eat vegetables.

Desserts were the best of the lot. We were having a headache trying to choose what to order.

I would recommend this to people but provided you like the combination of dark chocolate and orange. The portion was big though compared to its creme brulee etc but one can gag from eating so much dark chocolate cake at once. The orange slice and vanilla ice cream seems to be there to lessen this effect. I was oohhing and ahhing when I ate this and they wanted to box me in the head. Lolx....

As per usual, after dinner was lim jiu time~! We are not like Foxxy and gang as we usually go to pub for small drinks and the atmosphere. Partly cos we are all poor but wants to enjoy too. Went to Giraffe this time round~~

First time I've been there and we walked from Paragon to Plaza Sing. I've heard about Giraffe and read its review so I was rather interested in going there for drinks. The atmosphere down stairs was very good though we pampered kids prefer sitting indoors as we were sweating ourselves silly and there weren't any seats down stairs.

The deco upstairs disappointed me though. It looks like a wilderness wannabe that failed.
Especially the uniform of the service crew there. The top was still fine but the pants made me think that they wore sleeping clothes to work. Untidy was the word.

Ordered Chamomile tea, San Miguel and grape Cosmopolitan. At first the San Miguel tasted like a plainer Tiger (That's not their fault). Then dirty cups and plates were used for Dephil's Chamomile Tea changed quickly on request. No honey was served with the tea too though available on request. I was rather happy with my Grape Cosmo. Prices seems to be lower than other pubs with an extensive menu to choose from.

It closes rather early too. The counter closes at 1am and the area upstairs closes at 1230am. I do hope it can close later especially on a Saturday night which we usually will go to a late night cafe/pub and sit there to talk/eat/drink.

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