Sunday, August 24, 2008

An alternative relieve for my Sinus

Yeah I guess I don't have to mention again that I have Sinus~ Sinus Sinus. There are many types of Sinus and mine is not exactly the most mild. Mine would be categorized under Maxillary sinuses

Hence pressure will build up under my eye cheeks and eye lids and often, my eyes will be swollen up. Photos which I don't want to show here but you can see under here they are not exactly such good memories. But I've found a method of massaging the eye area to reduce nose blocks and swelling every morning. Hence although my eyes still gets swollen, the frequency reduced and often the swelling goes down very fast.

1. (0.0) <----- the face
2. 0 0 <-------- pair of eyes (actually the bottom part)

3. 1 1 <----- 2 fingers
and these are the ingredients you need for the massage.

There are 2 ways to do it and one is to use your 1 1 (fingers) to tap at the eye cheeks (i.e the bottom part of the 0 0) softly~ (softly ok??) and the other is to use your fingers to swipe across starting from the side of your nose to the direction of ears. Follow the curve of the bones below the socket. (SOFTLY~~~)

I prefer the 2nd method which I find more effective but you have to do it softly but firmly so that you will not tag at your eye cheeks too much and have sagging eye cheeks. (You won't want sagging baggy eye cheeks when you grow older) By and by my eye bag and dark eye circles reduced too ... yeah~~~ I don't have to buy any more $70++ eye cream!

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