Thursday, August 21, 2008

Its been a long time

Ok, I admit, its been a long time from my last post and I've pple asking me to "update lei~". Blogger's dashboard changed and I didn't even know that.

One word, "Tired" and the constant stomping of the elephants upstairs or the (blasting) Malay songs musical chair every weekend didn't help much.

I just came back from lesson and man~ I'm sooooooooo tired... the no. of "o"s cannot explain how tired I am. At the edge of another breakdown just now especially during the time I was in the train from Raffles on the way to Somerset. Oh boy~ do people in Singapore knows what is MRT? Haven't they been in the MRT train before? Why must they act like they are fetching their idols at the airport? Why must they push like they are giving birth?????

I smsed Dar at lesson "I want to go home~!" and proceeded to ask why am I so useless and weak? Others are able to be pregnant, work, look after kids and study at the same time while I'm whining over some idiots in the MRT train.

Am I too weak will? Or am I just too lazy to work and study.... of course, if you give me the choice to work part time and stay at home the rest of my time, I will be glad to... hehe

Recently I've been reporting depressing posts, I'm so sorry but since nothing much except depressing things happened oh~ except for Dar's new employment. Just bear with me for a while k?

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